Saturday, August 20, 2011

A week of "what the heys"

Been a week filled with surgeries around our place. My sister Susi had to have a stent put in her kidney (she only has one by the way) going to her bladder. She has been having problems with stones and an infection, so they are hoping this will work to drain bad stuff out. She came thru the surgery fine but is still quite sore. She was born with only one kidney and a few years ago we were all tested to see if we would be matches for her, we all were....only thing is Patti passed away, Bonnie has had breast cancer so no donating of a kidney from either of them...that leaves me and I would not hesitate for a second.
Next surgery was Farmer McBrown, he had a trigger finger on his right hand operated on. He is now walking around with a big bandage around his right hand(the one he uses for everything) and telling me "I can do it leave me be" OOOKKKAAAYYY!!!!!! I do not want to be mean to a person in pain...but....I don't really want to be in the same room with him either (if ya know what I mean)
The next surgery was Widge, she finally came into heat again(1st time since the pups) and we had her made puppy proof!!! LOL She did fine, we took her in yesterday and she came home this afternoon. Now to keep her quiet hehehehe, she is in the spare room by her self in a kennel.
My burn is all better, all tho I am thinking I will have a bit of a scar going around my leg. Hey I guess after burning a couple layers of skin that might be expected huh??
Anyone ever hear of a software company called "Attributor Inc" apparently they have a program that goes around the web searching for copyright and unlicensed use of products...well...guess who they picked on??? Yup me!!! One of my wordarts, one of my thoughts, one that came from my brain not someones else's. 4 shared actually sent me a threatening letter telling me they would pull my account. I have sent an email to Attributor and I am oh so not patiently waiting for an answer!!!!! Between them and all those "wonderful" search engines that offer direct download to my stuff, well it makes me wonder why I keep doing it.
Oh well, life goes on right!!!!
Off to check supper in the oven, made a zucchini casserole and it smells sooo good. Hope you have all made some memories, it is important to do that once in awhile ya know!!
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" put your feet up and smile as you savour every drop!!!
Hugs to you all...Always

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