Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday (quicky) Ramblings

Guess who turned 4 yesterday....Yup Sam the Man!!! I called him in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday and he wished me one right back (mine is Monday) We are going over to Scott's this afternoon for a cookout Birthday Party. They live across the road from the lake but Sam wanted a swimming pool, so Papa and I got him a small one. Plus a few water toys for him to use. Scott said that's great cus you don't always want to fight the crowds at the lake. My sisters Bonnie and Susi are coming up for the day..wish they were staying longer. Sometimes I miss them so much.
Dennis got a clean bill of health from the stress test he had, no blockages in the heart area. The other day he had an "ABI" test. This will show blockages in his leg. Well duh, this is where the problem has been! He said he could hear the noise (blood pressure I think) on the one leg really loud but when she did the leg that bothers him, it was hardly audible. Hoping whatever it is can be fixed and is nothing to serious. Will let you all know.
Had a busy week, doctor appointments, grocery shopping and Zack graduated from 5Th grade. They had a small ceremony and then ice cream and cake (which I so did not need) it was nice and now next year he will be in middle school. I took some pictures and will get them on soon.
Oh ladies I am sorry this is short and not that exciting today (sometimes even my life is dull) but I best get going, have to run to the store and pick up a card and wrapping paper which I forgot the other day. Make some memories ok? At the end of the day you will be able to sit back and smile.
As always dear friends " Fill it to the Brim" and if there is time fill it again!!!!
Love and hugs to you all!! Always

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