Thursday, April 28, 2011

She would have smiled and laughed so hard

That's why I put these up together. Patti would have had a hat on too and yup probably pj's LOL

Today would have been her 59th birthday, I would have kidded her about almost being 60. She would have laughed, smiled and had so much fun. Missing you doesn't stop, Happy Birthday Patti

Love you Kiddo, see you later!!!

I found this poem on the Internet and I wish I could give credit to who had written it, (I did change some of the words) but I have had it for awhile and there was no name on the download. Whoever you were...Thank you so much!!

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Sissy Susi said...

Patti watches over you and all of us. She loves that what you write comes from your heart. You are truly blessed Sissy Linda. I'm so proud that you're my Sister.