Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday before Easter Ladies....

Sorry Miss Carol, I would have been in here earlier but you know how life is!!! We were supposed to take Sam the Man and Miss KBB to an Easter egg hunt this morning that the church was having but....Keira had a bit of a cough, Sam the Man and his parents overslept and the weather, well to be blunt, it sucked!!! Rainy, cold, miserable. So no hunting for eggs done here today. Instead I ran to the store to pick up a few things and meet Holly to give her and Scott a ham. Quick trip right!!?? Nope! Scott and Holly have been babying their car for awhile and today in the store parking lot it decided to start to die. Would not start! So loaded Holly's groceries into the van and away we went to their house. Had not planned on that( I got to see Sam tho) and it added a couple hours onto the morning.
Then came home and baked that Apple Dapple cake that I sent you all the recipe for, you know me and ovens right, well it smells OMG so good, the sauce is like a bit of here is where your prayers are needed....PLEASE let it taste as good when it has cooled!!!!! LOL
Will be a quiet Easter here, Carin is going over by her in-laws (Dan is working out of town and wont be home) and Holly has to work till 6, so Scott is making them a late supper. Dennis and I will have our own dinner here. Which is fine, sometimes staying home is a good thing.
Update on my Mom, she is doing really good. Alittle sore by the incision but otherwise fine. My two sisters have been taking turns spending the night with her.
Ok ladies, that cake is almost cooled enough to take out of the pan (I say that with fingers crossed and prayers sent upwards) and I have supper to get ready so I best be on my way. Make some memories tomorrow, and share alot of hugs with those you love.
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" sip it along with that extra piece of chocolate bunny ear!!!
Hugs and love to you all, always

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