Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ok so it's Saturday night..Sorry

It's been one of those weeks. I have spent time doing everything and nothing, does that make sense??!! I have tried working on wordart, I managed to get one done and even a quick page, but that was just "busy work" I played on Farmville, plowed fields and planted crops, that was just stuff to do, you know brainless stuff.
Farmer McBrown has had some problems, he started getting really bad pains in his leg the other day, about a week and a half ago. when I say bad I mean bad enough that we went to the ER and he never wants to do that. No blood clots, which we thought it might be. So they took x-rays and gave him a shot for pain)which did about as much good as a band aid on a severed arm(oh gross) and sent him home with an appointment to see regular doctor. Bottom line reg doctor sent him to ortho doctor and ortho doc sent him for an MRI. The ortho doctor said from the x-rays they had taken in the ER(although they are a bit blurred) it looks like a form of "synovial osteochondromatosis" which is rare in itself, but Dennis has some type where the growths are not in the fluid area but on the bones themselves. We will get the results of the MRI hopefully Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time he sometimes hurts so bad he gets dry mouthed and just feels sick. I have never seen him in this much pain ever.
I guess this all explains why I haven't been such a great blogger lately, just have alot on my mind. If you could my friends, maybe say a little prayer for him. We are hoping that this is something that can be easily fixed but we wont know till the doctor tells us. He is already talking about Dennis going to a hospital in either Milwaukee or Madison for test or surgery.
I will keep you all posted.
In the mean time ladies" Fill it to the Brim" whatever spills over, hold it close and treasure it!
Hugs and love my friends always!!!

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