Saturday, February 12, 2011

No more cookie baking nope no more!!!!!

Thank you Gerri for the awesome cookie recipe book...I will be using it all the time...for a COASTER!!!!! I decided to try a simple recipe "Oatmeal chocolate chip" They smelled so good, they were soft...They cooled so nicely....They turned into HOCKEY PUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone said put them in a container with a slice of bread to help soften them....believe me one slice did not work..a whole loaf would not work! No more cookies nope all done, buying ready made in a package from now on.
That was one of my moments this week, the other all remember that my Windstar had been recalled for a bad rear axel..I am driving a rental 2011 Ford Focus (which I love) that Ford is footing the bill for. Wellllllll....another recall on my van has just happened, the steering and the subframe(part that holds transmission and steering and oh important parts to keep you going the way you are supposed to on the road) is bad!!!!! If they find out it is unrepairable then Ford will buy my van back, not for full new value but at least for something... oh it has been fun. They could just give me the Focus I am driving I would be happy LOL
On a good note, Hubby and I went into Green Bay yesterday and while there had an early Valentines Day lunch at Olive Garden...ooohhh so good. I had a new dish they have it is Ansiago chicken with cheese stuffed ravioli...oh it was awesome!!!! Thank you Susi for the gift card!!
Well ladies, I have to make a quick run into the Falls to get my lottery tickets for tonight(I know waste of $5 but hey ya never know! And I have Susi Homemaker stuff to do around here today so I best get my act together. Will be making memories I am sure, hope you do too!
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" and never let anyone tell you that you can't!!!


Sissy Susi said...

Sissy Linda....
When it calls for you know, that white stuff in your pantry that's next to the's called flour! Use that. Maybe you used cement by mistake?? Are you sure YOUR eyes don't need the exam!! I love your cooking anyway. Those apple dumpling things were good!! Love Sissy Susi

Sissy Susi said...

The above goes with your "oatmeal chocolate chip cookie blog..."