Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Howdy all

Busy day today...Dennis had another surgery on his wrist this morning, yup another ganglion cyst. He must grow them good because in about 2 months he has to go in and have some taken off the side of his knee. That bunch looks like a cluster of mini grapes! A few of those they will not remove because they are to close to an artery. Add that to the Cataract surgery on the 6th of January and the dental work later and he and I will be spending some time at the hospital. He is doing fine today tho, surgery went great and Doc said this cyst was an easy one to do. He and the dogs(yes all of them) are sleeping in the living room right now.
We got more snow last night, about 3 inches, that was after getting about 6 inches earlier in the day. White is quickly becoming one of my Least favorite colors!!
Well Ladies I am off to do up dishes and enjoy the temporary quiet LOL
Hugs to you all

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