Monday, November 29, 2010

Sorry I have been behind

We have been busy with getting things ready for Christmas( we will celebrate with the whole family on the 18Th) between floors scrubbed and decorations being put around(and pups thinking their names are Mo Leave it and Kota No) it has been fun!!
Hey did any of you go Black Friday shopping?? Me NO!! the thought of getting up at that hour and freezing in line did not appeal to me! We did go later in the day and Dennis found a drill that was on sale so he now has his Christmas present! Me I found a new gas stove I would like, hmmm wonder if Santa is listening(I mean hey a new oven might make better cookies..yeah right) LOL
Ok ladies I am off to see what else needs to be done..Take care...Hugs and love to each of you!!

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