Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ok don't all fall over at once...I am really posting yup!!

No excuses, I have just been busy with life in general and nursing a sore knee. I must have pulled it the wrong way or something cus man let me tell you all it hurts! Just in one spot on the inside just past the knee cap. Please if any of you think I need any type of surgery "DON'T TELL ME" LOL!!!
I worked on a couple of pages the other day, Sam the Man and Miss KBB. Oh they are both something let me tell you.
The weather up here has been so nice the last couple days(sorry Miss G) and will be this way all week. (Then I will send it on it's way to Ohio I promise)
Pups are getting bigger, Mo weighs in at about 34# and Kota is about 29# They just turned 15 weeks on Monday. Have a feeling they will be big hugs!!
Garden stuff is all done, Dennis still has some juice he wants to make but that's his job, I am done for the year. Between Puppies and Grand kids and nursing this knee I am bout done in!!
Well Ladies I am cutting this short, Pups have to go outside and then I am off to bed.
Giving you all one BIG HUG and sending you lots of LOVE
Credits- QP I am working on and new word art I have been playing with

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