Saturday, October 9, 2010

No messed up Saturday this time

Ta Da here I am!! Just grabbed my 2nd or maybe 3rd cup of coffee (actually same cup I just keep adding to it so that counts as one right) Pups woke us up at about 6:30 so been busy and awake for awhile. Will post a new pic of them later, they are getting so big. Mo weighs about 34# and Kota is about 29#, they will be 16 weeks on Monday. They go to the vet on Wednesday for the last shots for a year. So glad of that, two pups are not cheap, but we have a great vet and the prices are pretty reasonable.
Been awesome weather here this week so Hubby did alot of outside stuff, haven't raked leaves yet (they are still falling) but he did decide to powerwash the house. Looks really nice, it needed it. Funny he had the ladder out to do the peaks and we both said the same thing, Hey why not put up Christmas lights right away. We still might. Would be a first, we usually do that on one of those windy below zero days!!! Another first this year..... I have this thing about lights on a tree, I love them and the more the better. A 7 1/2 foot tree at our house usually has about 1000 lites on it. Well last year, not sure why but putting the lites on was the pits! Couldn't get them to look right at all so.....after Christmas we bought yup a 7 1/2 ft fake tree with lites all ready on it. Got a great deal and it looks so real!! Only one small problem....the corner where we put the tree it is not high enough..nope! With a real tree we just trimmed off part of the bottom to help it fit, cant quite do that with this one. I see some furniture rearranging in my future!!!
Carin is doing great in school, the envelopes with the $1's is getting really full! I am so proud of her!!!!! Dan is working 12 hour days and she is managing to do school, kids football games, meals and homework! Love you Gracie BIG!!
Sissi Susi has a job interview on Monday so send a little prayer that it goes well, she has been unemployed for way to long and really needs this!!
The knee is still alittle sore, not as bad unless I do to much. Yes I will make an appointment to see Dr. I promise!!!!
Well Ladies, the day has started and memories are waiting to be made, bet you have some waiting too!
As always Dear Friends "Fill it to the Brim" savour the moment, the time and everything that goes with it!
Hugs and love to you all!!! Always

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Sissy Susi said...

You are the bestest Sister in the whole world....No one has a better Sister. No one!!!! Love you Linda soooooooo much. You are my inspiration and my Joy that keeps me going. Sissy Susi