Sunday, October 31, 2010

I never said how much "later"

Had odds and ends to get done around here and then over to watch Sam the Man while Mommy worked and Scott and a buddy went deer hunting (bow season) by the time I got home I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch.
Miss KBB is on some meds, she has one really bad cold. Runny nose, watery eyes in other words miserable! But at least no fishyface medicine.
Today is trick or treating up here, like I said we wont get any kids but will still enjoy the candy LOL!! I am not sure what Sam the Man will be for trick or treating but Miss Beira is going to be a "Vampire Bat Princess" Hopefully Carin will get some pictures of the kids for me to share with you all.
We started rearranging the house for Christmas, little at a time. Got the bedroom done last week and now want to do the living room. Dennis is not looking forward to that. We have no basement just a crawl space and to move the TV he has to crawl around under there and move the cables for the TV. Oh yes he is not looking forward to that. We have to move stuff around because the
"prelit Fake tree" is to tall to put where we usually do.
Loving wife-"Dear we have to move the TV, the new tree is to tall for that corner"
Not to happy Hubby-" why?? oh I am sure we can figure something out"
Still loving wife-" Like what Dear, we can't cut the trunk"
Hubby(grasping for anything that will not include crawling under house)-" I will take a look at it maybe we can just not use all of the tree"
Wife-" Honey it's prelit, wires run all the way down"
Hubby(still grasping)-"maybe I can rewire it"
Not so happy wife-"sure you can, oh by the way where are the wire cutters?" (they are going to magically disappear)
But tree will go in new corner, Christmas will be saved!!
Ok best get my day started. I am nursing a sore knee(no not the same one) I was making the bed this morning and tripped over the comforter and fell landing on my other knee(hard) so going to go ice it and sit on the couch awhile.
Hope your all making memories, I have and I am sure will make some more.
As always my Dear Friends "Fill it to the Brim" make every drop count!!
Hugs and love to you all!! Always

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Sissy Susi said...

I saw you on Facebook! Pretty cool, Sissy Linda. I can just picture you taking a dive when you fell after getting caught up in the comforter. Oweee, Oweee, Oweee! Hey, tonight is CASTLE!!!!!