Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is Tuesday right...

Talk about a weather change wow!! Woke up the last few mornings to cold! Today it is 59*, going to a high in the low 70's. I guess Fall is on it's way.
Didn't get back to ramble on Saturday, was just one of those weekends when you take a step forward and then have to start over at the beginning over and over again!! Had big plans for getting things done and just really didn't do much. Yup sometimes even my life is boring LOL
Did work on stuff from the garden, made a bunch of zucchini casseroles for the freezer, laundry and managed to go on Sunday and get my hair cut. Short again, needed a change.
Hubby picked up some stuff for redoing the roof on the back porch part of the house and wants to finish that room totally before winter, (which here in Wisconsin can come at any moment)
As soon as Carin sends them to me, I will post some pics of Miss KBB's first day of school, yup she started 4K last Wednesday and she is loving it!!
Well ladies I have a kitchen floor that needs scrubbing and for some reason it wont do it by itself??!! So off to start my day.
Alittle late but as always "Fill it to the Brim" and make every drop count!!
Hugs to you all wrapped in oh so much love!!!

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