Saturday, August 28, 2010

WooHoo it's Saturday and I am on here before it's Sunday!!!

4 sale.... 1 hubby(slightly used) and 2 puppies( well maybe I will keep the puppies) Been an interesting day on the farm. LOL Checked the fields out and the flippin red things are way ready! Time to get started on them. Egg plants??? nope not one!! No blossoms no nothing. Think we got some dud plants this year. After checking the fields, hubby decided to take the pups out with Widge without a leash....first mistake was He decided that was a good idea!!! I went in and got my camera and managed to get some pictures, fine...all of a sudden Mo is shaking his head, foaming at the mouth, he had gotten to close to a toad!!! ( no, at the time I did not know that we have NO poisonous toads or frogs here in Wisconsin) so of course I panic, grab the dog, run in the house try and flush his mouth with water, while hubby is calling the vet. must have flushed a gallon of water down that poor little one, then read to many web pages about toads and dogs and poison (didn't notice they were all from other states) vet calls back...nothing to be concerned about, flush mouth(already did that) then give him Benatryl. It will help take care of any allergic reaction and help him sleep(can I give some to hubby??)
Now dear hubby after talking to vet is laughing and thinks this was so funny!! I am not I repeat NOT laughing, maybe another day but not now!!
Hubby is outside working on the lawnmower, I am in here trying to type and about every 5 minutes I have to go take paper away from puppies(oh yea, Mo is feeling much better and Benatryl has not kicked in yet) they love to tear the paper in their kennel to shreds and eat it!!!
Please don't get me wrong, I love these two little bubs to the moon, but Hubby(whose idea this was in the first place) is skating on thin ice!!
All will be better and besides the asking price for hubby is way high so i doubt i will get any offers!!
And how is your Saturday going??? Hey make sure you stop and say Happy Birthday to Al, Miss G's better half, wonder what special treat Miss Gerri has in store for him...I meant in the vending machine..jeez!!! LOL
Well ladies hope you are all out making memories, good bad funny or otherwise, keep them safe!!
As always my dear friends "Fill it to the Brim" then sit back, close your eyes and smile!!
Hugs and love to you all

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