Sunday, August 15, 2010

Puppies down to 1

This is "Cuteface" whose new name is Pluto and his new owner Brad Neumann. They will live about 10 miles from us. Brad is the only new home that is not someone we personally know. Brad called here at 7:30 this morning after seeing the ad we put in the paper...Ya think he wanted a yellow lab much??!! He is 17 and lost his lab a while ago. When he saw Cute face, the look on his face was priceless. I am hoping everything works out for these two..if love is enough to make it ok then these two should be fine!
My brother David and his wife Kim, their dog Whiskey and a little bit black lab puppy named Guinness! David and Kim drove up from Appleton to see the pups, bring us some empty canning jars and get some zucchini...a dog was not on the list. One look at how good Whiskey got along with this little one and that was all it took.

This is Samantha, Donna, Chris with Wendall, Grace and Sacie. We have known this family since before they were a family LOL! They are renaming Wendall..Sawyer...his middle name will be Wendall. Have a feeling alot of love will be happening in this family!!
So now all but one of our babies have found new families to love them, have I cried?? Oh you bet I have. Am I still getting teary eyed just thinking about them, Oh you bet I am!!! Will I miss the poop and piddle that greeted me each morning.....not as much as I will miss those puppy breath kisses that they gave me and those wagging tails that meant they were happy to see me.
We still have one black male that needs a home and we still have the two we are keeping, Mo and Kota. But gosh ladies it sure is quiet here now!!!!!

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