Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy Saturday ahead

What a week!!!! Flippin Chickens are ALL DONE!!!! well they still have to be cut up and put in the freezer, but they are cockadoodlin' no more!!! We took them to an Amish family not far from here and the wife (who Dennis said looked oh so tired) and her 10 children took care of them for us! They did an awesome job and at $2 a chicken oh it was so worth it (I would have paid alot more LOL) If someone would have been here on Thursday morning I would have had them take a picture of me and hubby putting 45 chickens (LIVE) into a homemade pen on the back of a trailer. I am sure it would have made you laugh or at least shake your heads in wonder!!!!
Today we have good friends of ours stopping on the way to their cabin to pick out a puppy, they are going to take 2 that they are interested in and play with them away from the rest of the gang. Which ever one they pick they will be back in a week to get. We are thinking it will be the littlest yellow male, who they will name either Toby or Sawyer. Another friend will be up next Sunday to get their little one. They want the little black female. Then we will be down to 3 that we have to find homes for plus the two we are keeping, Mo and Kota.
Oh this has been an experience that's for sure! They are cute, cuddly and give great puppy kisses, but they also can be what breaks that last straw when they decide that the best thing to eat is the paper(that is meant for some other bodily function)that usually turns into a battle of patience with mine falling way short of theirs!!!
Sure has been hot and muggy up here, bout tired of this! No 3 digit temps but when the dew point is about 77 and the temp is about 88 well the rain forest and the tropics are about what it feels like.
Sorry ladies have to cut this short, have a shower to take and some lunch to get ready for our company so I am off to start making memories
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim " enjoy each moment that spills over, don't waste any!!
Hugs and love to you all

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