Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Miss G, cus it's her birthday E-Yup

I was only going to do one really nice page for you Miss G, but that dang pesty guy just wouldn't stop bothering me, so this ones from your furry friend. ( see he made the trip down to give the greeting in person huh?)

Gerri there isn't enough room on blogger to say all I would like to say. ( and they might bleep some of it out LOL) Since meeting you my life has changed, I have visited places, been a princess, a scarecrow, slept on a bench in the snow, taken rides in balloons, was a Christmas ornament, a bunny(both kinds I think) and have smiled and laughed more than I ever thought possible!! I would not have wanted to miss any of it!( Well maybe getting to the veranda and finding you beat me to the juleps)
I love you my friend and I send you wishes for many more "Creative" years ahead.

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