Monday, June 21, 2010

Vet said 5 for sure maybe 6..........

There were 7 !!!!! We have 5 males and 2 females. She had the first one at 6:30 and the last one at 9:41. Let me tell you all, this was one awesome experience!!!! I saw each one being born, helped rub them and get them going, even cut a couple cords LOL Widge did the rest and she did so great!!! For being a first time Mom, well instinct took over and she was awesome!!
Pups are now in various stages of drinking or sleeping right now LOL I am so glad Zack was still here, he was great, writing down times and weights for us.
So ladies I want to thank you all for the come soon thoughts....they worked!!!
I am off to be a busy lady for a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

If you are not a legit responsible breeder why are your beautiful dogs not neutered or spayed. Have you ever been to a shelter? So many dogs including labs there. BE RESPONSIBLE, don't breed for the sake of breeding which is what you are doing. Do you even realize or even care what you are doing is being a BYB. You claim you love your labs but breeding is wrong! Just because you think your dog is cute is not reason to breed him or her or you want your kids to see puppies being born. You are contributing to the overpopulation of dogs. Did you do health tests and genetic tests on both the mother and father? If no than you are a BYB.
A concerned Animal lover