Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remember me????

Took a break from the puppies, chickens and garden and decided to play on the computer a bit. This is Miss KBB and Annie...she lives next door now to Carin and she has two little ones Keira's age so of course Miss KBB is so happy. In fact she had her 1st sleep over the other night at their house. Had a ball!!
Every thing here is about the same, pups are growing, they will be a week old tomorrow and they have just about doubled in weight!!
Now we found out that the people who might want pups have decided they would take females instead soooo looks like we might have a few puppies extra LOL Oh happy day!!!!!
Well I best be thinking about whats for supper. Hope you all made some memories this weekend, we did....
I know it's not Saturday but "Fill it to the Brim" because every drop and every day are so important!!!
Hugs and love to you all ALWAYS
Credits- "springtime fun" kit by verena designs

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