Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nope, I didnt forget it was Saturday..

It has just been one of those few days that seem to be busy with not much of anything!! We are still on puppy watch. Widge is taking her sweet time with this, but then she has always been Miss Independent!! Her time...Her way!! LOL
Zack is still here waiting along with us, he keeps walking up to her, rubbing her belly and whispering "Hurry up pups, I have a baseball game on Monday" He goes home in the morning so keep your fingers crossed that it happens tonight.
Haven't really said much about the "Fields" or the "Flippin Chickens" this year, they are both doing fact too great...Chickens are growing so fast and those "flippin red things" in the garden have sooooo many buds on them. Tell me, what are the odds Dear Hubby would notice if I snuck up there and maybe dug a few up LOL Hey it's a thought!
I understand a certain someone got some photos from someones sister...remember that payback can be so quick and evil certain someone who shall remain nameless but lives in Ohio and first name starts with a Gerri!!!
Looks like Mat has been busy again, making all those pretty pages. Of course if it was that hot by me I would be inside at the computer too!! Hope your weather gets nicer Mat. I heard there was fresh mint on the veranda so go grab a pitcher of Juleps, that should help.
Oh and if you live in or around on the look out...heard there is a topless driver out and about!! Might want to get your cameras ready!!
Miss Scarlett is busy with I am sure Miss Fluff and those other two cutie great grandsons of hers. So ladies go easy on the Juleps, she might need some for herself.
Miss Judy has been busy with her three cuties. My they are growing so fast!! And everyone of them so adorable!!!
Well ladies, I am off to hang some sheets on the line and figure out what to make for supper so I best get busy. Will let you all know when the puppies get here!! (send SOON thoughts ok??)
Hope you get a chance to make some memories today, it is the best way to spend a day!
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim"then sit back remember every drop again and again!!!

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