Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are you sure your not in town Miss G???

One year ago we had beautiful sunshine and temps of the mid to upper 70's....then on the morning of my birthday it turned rainy and cold...stayed that way till Wednesday...come to find out Miss Gerri had come to Wisconsin!!! This year the same thing, it is foggy, rainy and will be this way for the next few sure you didn't sneak into the state Miss G!!!
Quiet birthday this year for me, my Mom and sisters are coming up today and my family is coming over for a small cookout(steaks and burgers will be done in the broiler) Nothing fancy, but alot of love!!
I know a certain someone(Sissy Susi) emailed a certain someone(Gerri) and let her know I had a bit of a blond moment...See that picture up there??
Ok, I wanted to clean the sink, you know comet and scrubbing right..well I took the stuff out of the sink , we have a double sink by the way, turned on the water and GENTLY moved the faucet from one side over to the other......let me tell you the Geyser at Yellowstone has nothing on my sink!! The faucet neck came off in my hand, the water shot straight up to the ceiling, I am standing there holding that part getting wet trying to figure out how to stop the gusher when it dawned on me .......just turn it off with the handle that is still there and working!! But this was not until I had thought it was a good idea to try and find the shut off valve under the sink!! If under your sink is like have more stuff under there than you need, as the water is hitting the ceiling I am moving cleaning supplies and bottles of stuff I cant remember why I bought in the first place!! Then the light bulb moment hit...use the handle it's still there and it works!!!
Good thing Dennis never throws things away, because he had am old faucet in the garage and he put that on. Day is saved!! LOL well almost! Later last night I was finishing up dishes and wanted to rinse the know using those sprayer things....I squeezed the handle sprayed water around to rinse the sink let go of the lever on the sprayer and put it back...LEVER STUCK!!! water straight out of the spray nozzle directly at me, my whole shirt drenched. finally got it to stop but not before dear Hubby is laughing uncontrollably behind me! From now on He does the dishes!! He cleans the sink!!!
Ok ladies, I best be getting busy, have things to do before my family gets here, going to be making memories today, hope you do to!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" enjoy the overflow!! it is so worth it!!!!
hugs and love to you all!!!

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Sissy Susi said...

Are you SURE you're not blonde. I'm so glad we came up today because your birthday's tomorrow. Are you REALLY going to be 75? I know, Sissy Susi is such a brat. But I love you way past the moon and stars all the way to Patti!! You are my hero and my best friend. Love you, Linda. Sissy Susi