Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 possibly 6

The vet did a digital ultrasound on Widge and showed us 5 puppies for sure. He showed us one area and told us that could be the 6Th one hiding up by the ribs. I cant believe how big she is getting. Now she is small, and most people don't even think she is going to have pups, but we know!! LOL When she is laying down on her side you can see these little bumps move, and feel them too!!
Vet also said that by the size of the heads and how they are developed that she is very close, most likely this weekend if not before. We have to go into Green Bay on Wednesday for an appointment so I am hoping she waits till after that. Will keep you all updated!!
Rain here this morning, and the humidity is back. Not liking! Never was a hot summer person!
Have Zack coming over on Thursday and spending a few days...he had asked if he could be here when the pups are born.
Well off to put on a fresh pot of coffee(I had some of the leftover from yesterday,yuck) Take care ladies thank you for the soup and the Juleps...They helped big time! Love and hugs to you all!

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