Saturday, May 8, 2010

One more sleep.....

and if last night is any indication of what it will be like, well it won't be a restful one!! I could not sleep last night. I think it was a combination of the fact that I am leaving Sunday morning for Ohio and that as I lay there trying to sleep visions of the snowflakes that were falling outside kept popping into my head. Yup more snow!! A place northwest of us got 6 inches, we got about 3. I know nothing to complain about when you compare it with the floods in Tennessee, but people it is May and it should be nice weather for all of us!!
Sure is quiet around here, Carol is off keeping Miss G busy till I get there, I think Miss Scarlett is plum tuckered out from keeping an eye on those cutie patooties of hers, and Mat, well she says she went to a wedding in Georgia...I think the Roving Reporter might have caught her doing other things...stay tuned!! And Miss J well I think she is keeping a low profile knowing that Ohio is being invaded..I mean what Miss G has called the Rowdies!!
Today we are having breakfast at a local restaurant, my kids and grandkids will all be there, we are celebrating Mother's day a day early (I will be on the road Sunday morning) Should be nice, this place has the best "stuffed hashbrowns" !!!
Hubby started packing the truck yesterday getting a head start on stuff. Put the BEARS in the back and they seem quite comfy!
Well ladies, it is getting later and I have a shower to take and a face in the bag to put on so I best go start my day. Have a few memories to make and I don't want to miss them!!
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" and if you want, well go back for a second cup it is so worth it!!
Love and hugs to you all....ALWAYS!!!!!

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