Saturday, May 22, 2010

OK need to know where the week went!!

Sounds funny but it seems like we just got back from Ohio and yet a week has gone by. Maybe it has something to do with how hectic the past week has been. Got home late Saturday night, spent Sunday doing laundry and unpacking, spent Monday and Tuesday running some errands and then Wednesday a good friend and two of his daughters came up to do some Turkey hunting, they stayed till last night. Have not really had a chance to just sit and regroup LOL Like that would help anyway!!!
Miss KBB and Zack were to come over for the weekend but Miss Keira has Pink eye and a bit of a cold so they have to wait till next weekend. I still have to get the stuff to everyone that came from from Ohio....oh not enough hours in a day!!!!
Plus.....I think I told you before, because of two very giving and generous ladies I am now playing with making elements!! Oh I am having a combination of fun and hair pulling sessions with that bit of stuff!!! Not sure when I will get it perfected LOL will let you all know!
Going to have to cut this short today, have some things to take care of and they will not get done if I am sitting in here, so off to do and off to make some memories. Hope you all find even a few minutes to do the same...ya never know...those few minutes might be the best memories of the day!
As always dear ladies "Fill it to the Brim" and later let your heart savor all there was!
hugs and love to you all......ALWAYS

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