Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Miss G I did not forget it is Saturday.....

In fact I almost did my ramblings at about 4 AM!!!! By the way I stopped in to see Miss G about that time and I gotta tell you Miss Carol, she is making that shed look really nice!!! LOL
We have Zack for the weekend and last night we took him out to eat to a Chinese Buffet type place (he has never had Chinese before) and he actually found some stuff on there that he liked!! After supper we went to the movie, we saw "Furry Vengeance" Kind of hokey but funny. I think dear Hubby laughed loudest of anyone in the place!
This morning Hubby and Zack got up and went to scout out turkeys. We have a friend who gets a turkey permit but can't shoot so Dennis tries to get one for him. So at 3:30 am this morning I was awake. That's after going to bed at 12:30. I tried going back to sleep after they left but tossed and turned till about 9. If I would have rambled at 4 this morning I would have made less sense than I usually do!
The days are being counted down, wont be long now. Ohio look out!!! The first wave...I mean first visitor Miss Carol will be leaving soon. I will follow up a few days later. I feel it's better that way....don't want the whole state to go into shock at once now do we!! hehehehehehehe!!!
I am sending the roving reporter down early so should have some "Interesting" photos.
It's been one of those weeks here where the time just flew by. Between housework, blogs, qp's and keeping those bears happy in that suitcase well it's been fun!
Hey how many of you miss the kits by Miss Doodle??? I know I do, so I am thinking Miss G and I will tie her to the computer down there and not let her go till she makes a new one for us!! Miss your designs Miss C.
Well, the hunters are home without a turkey so I best be starting my day. Have to visit Sam's mommy in the hospital, she had some problems yesterday and they admitted her to check things out...nothing serious...but will go visit her in awhile.
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" remember every drop matters so don't waste any of them!!
Hugs to you all

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