Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looks like rain for this Saturday

The skys are turning darker as I type. When I first got up it was a mixture of blue and clouds, not now!! I heard that you might be getting some icky weather Miss G so you best take care.
Can't believe I will be leaving in a short time to go visit this lady, also Miss Judy and Miss Doodle!! Oh can you tell I am so looking forward to this trip!! Hubby is too because he is looking forward to maybe doing some fishing.
Speaking of Hubby, he is into making his own "Turkey" calls (for unmarried or wife's who's hubbies do not hunt) this is used to call in a turkey when you are hunting. He is working on some fancy looking ones so today we are going into Greenbay to ...hold on to your seats.... a craft store!! E-Yup hubby has to find some thin cording and it was HE who suggested a trip to town! On any normal day I can't get him into the parking lot at Michael's, but today because he needs something, well away we go!! In case any pre-married ladies are reading this, there will come a time in your married life when you throw up your hands and just stop trying to figure them out!! I got to that point a really long time ago!!!
Another observation about hubbies...ever notice that when you are in a hurry to get somewhere they are not BUT when they want to get someplace well you best pick up the pace or be left behind!! So on that note I have 20 minutes to hop in the shower, get dressed and put my face in a bag on! So I best be getting on my way. Memories are out there today, if you don't find them, I am sure they will find you!!
As always dear friends "Fill it to the Brim" whatever the flavor, try it you might just find you like it!
Hugs to you all!!!

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