Sunday, April 11, 2010

I can not lay in bed anymore!!!

So here I am playing on the computer!! The old book type element is from Shadowhouse creations and the rest is a kit called Alchimie by Gali scraps.
Gee we were such cute little bubs huh?? LOL
My flu/cold has turned into your typical spring cold with a little sinus thing mixed in!! Hey I cant be sick ... I have a trip to pack for and Bears to convince that getting into a suitcase is a good thing!!! (only kidding Miss G, would I do something like that??)
Ok back on the couch for me, there must be something on the tube I can watch. Any one seen the movie 2012 yet? it is on pay per view and thought I might check it out.
Take care ladies, sending hugs from............. way over here

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