Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dennis is sharing again...

Such a wonderful hubby I have..he shares so much with me..his love, his care and concern, even his money once in awhile, but he has taken this sharing thing one step to far...He has decided to share his cold with me!! Oh and he sounds so apologetic, lots of Oh honeys, lots of I am so not wanting you to get this...To late bub I have the cold!!!! I was in bed last night at about 8:30, slept till 6:45 this morning, it did help tho because I feel a little better now. We will see what the rest of the day brings.
Well maple syrup season has started, yup, the trees are tapped and the sap is running. Dennis set up the stuff for boiling the sap and he has been working on that. Can't wait for the first batch it looks like the color of liquid gold and the taste..oh my ... awesome!!!
You know it just dawned on me...most people do their lives by seasons you know spring, summer, fall and winter...not in our little bit of the world...Nope we have Winter, then Syrup, then the fields, then the chicky wickies, then flippin red things and then pluck!!! LOL
oh it must be the cold medicine!!!
Hey the Robins are back!! Yup have seen a total of 5 so far. And today it will be about 46* oh bring on the sunscreen!! (Sorry Ohio, take heart your snow will melt) hehehehehehe
That will teach you to buy boots Miss G!!
Well ladies I have some stuff to do today, like clean and do laundry so I best get my act together. Going to make some memories, you all do the same, it's fun and oh so worth it!!
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" enjoy the flavor and the aroma as it fills your heart!!
Hugs top you all Always!!

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