Monday, March 22, 2010

Bits of the "girly"weekend

Oh it was fun!! Miss KBB knew she was going to get her nails done and she knew she wanted GREEN!!! Yup, no amount of bribing her could change her green it was. She sat so still and did everything the lady told her to do. Oh she had fun yup she did!! She kept telling everyone who would listen that she was having a "Girly Girl Day"
Carin did not know it, but we had set up an appointment to get her hair done! (wanted to do the makeup and all, but were not able to do that) You all know Carin is a full time Mom who is also a full time student now, which means very little time for herself. Alot of things going on in her life and she always puts that first instead of what she needs. So we did!! Bonnie Susi and I got her the new do, and a full manicure, oh wow she loved that!
Carin, you asked why?? Simple really...because we love you and you so deserved it!!

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