Saturday, February 27, 2010

No girls weekend this time...

other things came up for my sisters so no wild weekend here...unless you count me Zack and hubby starting to tap the maple trees...E-yup it's that time of year again. I am not sure why we are doing this again, we still have more than enough syrup on the shelves, but tap we will!! So be prepared people of Ohio, we will be bringing syrup your way!! I will try and get some pictures later of the "fun" Zack and Dennis are having.
Now about that washer and dryer.....we ordered a set on Feb 1, paid for it on the same day. The salesman said it would be delivered the 16th (ok so might have to go to the laundromat once)
Hubby called the morning of the 16th to make sure the delivery guys would take our old washer out and put it in the back of the van for us to haul away...that's when it started!!!! Delivery was not scheduled till the 19th and they had it set up with a gas dryer..wrong! After 4 phone calls and then finally back to the salesman, we found out that the set we ordered could not come till the 5th of March.....What!!!! No way!! So after talking to enough people to populate a small town, we were told that they would upgrade us to a better unit and delivery would be the 24th of February. Sounds good right, a better set for the same price...wrong...I did some checking on the model #'s and found out they had them on sale for LESS than we had originally paid! So a trip to the store was in order...don't mess with the lady who is down to her last pair of pj's!!!
Came home that night with a refund of the over pricing!!! Aww finally was when the said it would be, two guys came bought in the new took out the old!! Now remember in my other post I talked about a "Plastic bag" Well...when Dennis took the dryer vent pipe off the old dryer he stuffed a RED plastic baggy in the end, you know to keep cold air from coming in the house...after the guys set everything up, I decided to do just a small load of laundry, washed great, put it in the dryer, set sensor dry setting, and waited..and waited..and waited!!! After 1 hour this small load was still not dry. Hubby looked at me and said "No way, do you think they left that RED bag in the vent?? Nah, that would be dumb!!! After taking said RED bag out of vent...load of laundry dried in 15 minutes!!!!!!! And how was your week??!!!!
Ok ladies, I am off to make some memories, do the same, take the time to!! And as always make sure to "Fill it to the Brim" life is to short not to savor every drop!
Hugs to you all..always

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