Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new puter

It is a Dell Inspiron one 19 desk top! I have never had a Dell, always had HP but I knew I needed more memory ( don't know why??) and for the same price as the HP with less memory, this one has 4GB memory and 640GB hard drive. The weirdest thing about it......there is NO TOWER!!! Nope it is all built inside this little flat screen thing. All the usb ports and camera card slots ..everything it is all on the side or the back. I was alittle afraid of that at first but I like it! Windows! well except for the email thing, that took awhile to figure out and once I did well it was fine! and I am still trying to find things, The screen is different too, that might take awhile for me to get used to, mine was 15 inch before now it is a wide angle thingy LOL
I checked on line and these babies sold for almost $1000 in Japan when they came out, and no ladies it was not near that much at good old Walmart! If it had been I would still be putting up with a slow freezing computer.
Now I had a problem....what to do with that big empty space where the tower used to be...not a problem is a great space for keeping all those goodies I munch on late at night when I am on here LOL
Hugs to you all