Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Ramble of the year.....

Wow 2010, can you believe it !!?? A brand new year, a chance to try and get it right once again!
Did I make resolutions...NOPE!! I gave that up years ago all though believe me I would have a list that would go on for ever. Thought about making one that had to do with learning to bake cookies....but decided there are not that many days in a year and I would have blown it on day one LOL
I could give up smoking (I know bad thing) but I will do that when I am ready and right now I am not. Besides I love my hubby and me going outside to have a smoke has saved his life a few times if you get what I mean! I don't really drink, so that won't work, I am losing weight so strike that one. Try and be more health conscious, I am always doing that! Gee, guess I must be pretty close to perfect to not have to have any resolutions huh?? Yeah right!!! BIG LOL!!!!
Actually, I read Miss Scarlett's blog and I agree, making time for some quiet time with God isn't a bad idea. If it isn't God then whatever higher power you believe in. Maybe just making time to reflect on life and what it is that you need to fulfill that life.
Christmas is gone from inside our house now, tree is down and in the back yard being used as some shelter for the birds (yup we have always had a real tree) The living room is clean and shiny...the office, where that closet is, looks again like a Christmas store exploded! Hey I have time to get it put away!! Outside lights might be there awhile, it is frigid up here, wind chills in the double digits. it was -29 this morning!! oh to cold to take down lights! Hubby just went out to the garage and he is bundled up like that Michelin tire guy!!
Well ladies I best at least look like I am trying to put this room in order, so off to make some memories, enjoy making some yourselves.
It's a New Year my friends and as always "Fill it to the Brim" every single day!! At the end of 2010 just imagine all the smiles and memories you will have!!!
Love and hugs to each and everyone of you from my heart always!!!

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