Sunday, December 6, 2009


The craft fair was good, but no it didn't last this long!! Got a call from Carin and ended up going over there to watch the kids while her and Dan went to a funeral. Had the kids make out a Christmas list for me...Ok this Grandma has to get more "with it" there were things on those lists that I have never heard of!! Lets hope Santa knows what they were talking about. Miss KBB, she wants simple things, like a TinkerBell or a Pillow Pet LOL But the boys, did you all know there is some kind of remote car that can drive not just on the floor ...but UP the wall!!??
Have a feeling this Grandma better check with Mom first on that one!!
Today we are off to get our tree, Miss KBB and Zack are coming with us. (So is my camera) it is so cold tho and Miss KBB will be so bundled up all you might see are her eyes!!
Mat I wanted you to know that your snow is doing it's best to find it's way to Wisconsin!! We have 2-4 inches predicted for tonight and then 6-9 inches for Wednesday into Thursday!! Ok so not looking forward to that as we might be going to Minnesota on Friday!!!
Well ladies, I hope your Saturday was filled with memories, mine was and I have them someplace safe!!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" no matter what day it is, because they are all so special!!
Hugs to you all!!

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