Friday, December 18, 2009

Nope again not Saturday...but...

have a feeling I might be busy in the morning !!! Tonight my sister Bonnie, her hubby Rich, my Mom and my sister Susi will be coming. Somewhere around 6 I think. Then out to eat for our wedding anniversary. On Saturday, everyone will be here!!!! Our "Family Christmas" the one day of the year that I look forward to more than any other!! Not the presents(all tho that's a nice perk) but no...the love, the hugs, smiles, laughter and just that feeling that all is right with this world and it always will be!! That's my gift, that's what I look forward to more than anything!!
Thank you all for the wonderful Anniversary wishes, Dennis and I send our love back at ya all!!
Yup 33 years...some good ...some bad...some well we won't even talk about them..LOL but we got thru them and in the long run, maybe stronger for some of it! (Not so sure about the Flippin chickens and those flippin red things tho!!!
Take care Ladies, memories will be made here this weekend, hope some are made by you too!
As always "Fill it to the Brim"!!! Savor every single drop, because each one is so special!
Hugs to you all!!

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