Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's get ready to "Ramble"

Gee sounds like a prelude to a fight (you know rumble) ok got it, it's early, my brain is only half awake this morning thanks to a late night chat...the smiles tho were worth the bags under my eyes this morning.
Thought I would have Sam the Man this morning, but nope, he stayed home and just my son came over. It is bow deer season here in the north and Scott got a buck. It is hanging in our shed and today they will be getting it ready for freezing. I know there are some who are against the killing of these animals, but if you have ever seen what a hard winter can do to a deer herd, well not nice. I love watching them, I don't shoot, nope, only with a camera. Hubby wont shoot a doe with young fawns, wont take anything that jumps out, so he is pretty much looking for an old buck that walks very slow LOL in other words some years he gets nothing, but enjoys the time in the woods.
Oh want to tell you I added a blinky over there for a girl named Kayla Ami, if you need some laughs go check her out, she is so funny, I don't think she means to be, she writes about her life and let me tell you she has such a life!!! Take a peak honest and check out her archives, you will spend alot of time laughing.
Hey, I asked if any of you had heard Christmas music yet...I mean its November right!! We have a station up here "99.3 the Breeze" and they have been playing Christmas songs since the 1st!!! Ok I love that music, I do, but November 1st?? way to early, we are still raking leaves and the temp today should reach 66, those songs just seem alittle to early ( well except for yesterday when I heard "snoopy and the red baron" ok I will admit, I turned the radio up loud and I sang along!! Made me smile, that is one of my favorites to hear during the holidays!!!
Have to say a quick prayer for all the families of the shooting at Ft Hood, what a terrible thing to happen. I know there was one girl from Wisconsin that was killed and one that was wounded, what a senseless act. I am having a hard time understanding the world sometimes.
Well ladies, I have a all know how I feel about all the vegies from the fields right.... well...I have started a farm in farmville on facebook...yup Farmer Mcbrown has gone worldwide web LOL The best thing about that farm....I click the mouse, the crops are harvested and woohoo no flippin red things in my kitchen!!!! Oh it takes so little to amuse me!!
Speaking of which I think My cotton is ready to harvest so I best get over there. Going to make some memories today, don't know what kind but will be loving them all and keeping them safe. You all try to do the same!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" you never know when all that extra might come in handy!
Hugs to you all

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