Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Saturday, the music is up loud cus I'm home alone!!

You all know me and music, when I'm home alone it gets turned up so I can hear it while I do whatever...right now they are playing "Turn me Loose" by Fabian LOL Oh yes gotta love that guy!! Hubby is out hunting again, he went with about 15 other guys, so far no one has gotten anything, more like "deer watching" than "deer hunting" But he enjoys the woods and I enjoy time alone.
Hope all your Thanksgivings were filled with good foods, family and a whole bunch of blessings. Did any of you do the "black Friday" thing?? Not me, I wait till the day after Christmas LOL That's the day I love to go shop. I get more Christmas decorations (which if you saw my closet in the office you would wonder WHY) and I usually find presents for the next year...which I bring home and then promptly lose in that same closet!! But it's the thought right??!!
Sylvia, you mentioned you could see me baking every kind of cookie hehehe NO check the archives or with any of the ladies on here they will tell you...I don't do cookies....I do hockey pucks!!! Love to cook but baking just is not one of my friends! Neither is gardening, hey I killed an "Air Plant" but that's a story for another day!!
Today it's getting some stuff done in here, because we are going to be painting some walls b4 Christmas and I also have to go out and hang some garland on the porch rails, if it ever gets warm.
Well ladies, the fire in the fireplace is going out so have to work on that and get my day started.
Will make some memories and keep them safe, you all do the same.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" this time of year it is easy to do and you will love it!!
Love and hugs to you all

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