Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you think I might be on the computer to much??

This is the wrist rest on my computer desk...just a wee bit worn...LOL But wouldn't trade that worn spot for anything cus it means a couple things..1- I am off the streets and out of trouble, and 2- I am spending time with friends doing what I love!
Today might not be a computer day tho, we have Miss KBB, and Zack for the weekend. Right now they are with hubby, visiting some friends of ours who just love those two. So I have a few minutes to be on here, do my dishes, straighten the living room, make the bed...oh..speaking of the bed, LOL you should have seen it last night...Me, Keira, Zack and 2 of the 3 dogs all in one queen sized bed. Oh yes and it was me who got the short end of that deal, spent most of the night trying to find room LOL
Sunday afternoon we are going to see "where the wild things are" I want to see it as much as Zack!
Miss KBB got her "Builder Bear" she got it because she is a big girl and goes potty all by herself , no more pull ups. So her and Mommy went and got one. It is a Blue Builder bear Ballerina named Sally. LOL Pictures later!!
Well Ladies I best go get something done while I have a chance. Later I will be to busy making memories. Hope you get the chance to make some.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" and don't worry about spilling any, that's usually the best part!
Love and hugs to you all!!

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