Saturday, October 24, 2009

They redid my server...

"They" say to a better system so my computer should now run the way it was meant to run....ok...that must mean my computer should only work a third of the time!!! Between the rain which has been coming down non-stop for about 3 days, and the wind which is blowing leaves from the next county into my yard, and the forest I am surrounded by and the new system up date, I got about 2 minutes of Internet every hour!! Today seems alittle better, so far anyway!
Still raining but at least I can get on here. LOL
Did manage to get some stuff done around the house tho so I guess that's a good thing. We have a small addition on the back of the house, kind of like an enclosed porch type room ( where we have shelves for all the goodies from the garden, a freezer and just odds and ends) well the roof had a bit of a problem and needed repair. Ladies I am not a home contractor worker guy!!
Dear hubby wanted my help fixing it.....LOL.... NO!!!!! I am not afraid of heights, nope, put me on the tallest building and I am fine....notice I said PUT me on that building!! I do not do ladders! nope, I have this thing about them don't know why but I do not like climbing them, not even two steps. Dear hubby says I look like a sloth when I am moving up those steps I am going so slow! Hey, I feel it is good exercise for my arms if I stand on the bottom step and s t r e t c h to hand him a tool he needs.
Today we are going to my brother David's house. He and Kim got married in Vegas and today is a combination reception and house warming( they just bought a new home) would be nice if the weather was nicer but seeing all my family and meeting Kim's will be a good thing and I am sure a good time. Plus it is my sister Susi's BD on Sunday so we can celebrate that too.
Well Ladies, I don't want to push my luck on here so I best get going, this should be a day filled with memories, I really hope yours is too!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" then sit back (even if it's under an umbrella) and just take it all in!! Never miss a drop!
Love and hugs to you all

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