Saturday, October 3, 2009

In my next life, I am living next door to a grocery store...

that way it would be foolish to plant a garden, because it would be so easy to walk next door and buy "anything tomato related"!!!!!!!!!
We have been doing the stuff in the fields alittle at a time and it has kept us busy..yes..but...when a hard freeze is go beyond busy into "super get er done mode" !!! We cleaned the fields out, all the peppers, egg plant, squash and tomatoes have been bought in and will be processed. The shelves are filling up with pickles,tomato juice, salsa and stewed Italians LOL, the freezer is full of green beans, corn, stuffed peppers, breaded egg plant and zucchini. My kitchen counter looks like a canning factory!! I look at stains under my finger nails and wonder if they will ever go away, but then I look at those full shelves and know it was worth it ( ok except for the moments when I looked at Dear Hubby and wanted to offer him a nice red ripe juicy tomato right in his face)
Busy week E-Yup!!! I have fallen asleep on the couch more times or woke up more tired than I went to bed because I spent my dreams slicing tomatoes!! I am not complaining tho, really, I know there are some who would give anything for just half of what is on our shelves and I am grateful I really am.
We had to turn on the heat this week, bbrrrr!! I love fall, all the awesome colors, the crisp fresh feeling....just wish it came with a temp of about 75* instead of 35*
Well ladies, I hear the distant soft voice of some acorn squash calling from the back porch, can you hear them..." please..slice, dice, saute us in butter and pack us in the freezer" yup guess I best get busy!!! Memories are also calling, yours are too, hope you make some precious ones!!
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim " enjoy every drop, and if you want to save any of the overflow...your going to have to buy your own freezer bags....mine are full!!
Hugs to you all

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