Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do you all know what's so great about this Saturday...

There are NO FLIPPIN RED THINGS anywhere on any of my kitchen counters!!!!! Nope, garden is really done for another year, chicken area is all cleaned up out back and this is one happy camper!!! Now if the forecast was not predicting snow, I would be totally smiling so big!!!
Snow, can you imagine??? I still have visions of last year when we had one snow storm after another. They all came from somewhere in Canada, somewhere around "Edmonton" LOL I am thinking about starting a petition to build a BIG WALL around that place to keep all that wonderful weather confined!!! Think that would work?? To make matters worse, while I am sitting here listening to the wind howl and leaves blow past the sister Bonnie is in Arizona, yup...sunshine and warm temps...and she is letting me know she is working on a tan!! I love her yes I do, but...maybe she could run out of sunblock and get just a wee bit burned!! hehehe!
We had Miss KBB here yesterday, gave Mommy a chance to get some yard work done and she also had a date night with Zack. The other boys were busy with stuff and Dan was out of town on a job, so Zack and Mommy had a date. They went out to dinner and then to a Halloween Haunted House ( by the way Carin asked if anyone had any Depends, she thought she might need them) They had a really good time, and don't let Zack know but he also asked this one other special girl to join them for the Haunted House. Yup Zack is growing up.
Dennis and I had been invited to a Gospel concert by some friends and we took Miss KBB, she picked out a special dress and her new Princess dancing shoes to wear to "Gods House" that's what she called the church. She was so good. Let me tell you this little one got so into the music, she was clapping and swaying and just having so much fun. Her only disappointment was not being allowed to go on stage and sing with the others, she couldn't understand why she could not go on stage and sing "Take me out to the ball game or Twinkle Twinkle. Which by the way you have not heard until you hear her sing them!!!
Well Ladies, we finally got the spare room painted and now we have to put it back together, right now bits and pieces of it are all through the house. I am off to make some memories, please make some for yourselves, it is a good thing honest!!!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" don't let one drop go to waste, you never know, that might be the most important bit!!
Love and hugs to you all

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