Saturday, October 31, 2009

Am I here or is it your imagination...

Had a service guy come out this morning and see what he could do...other than him getting a better attitude...he did his best I guess. We will see how long my connection last!!
Seems like it has been another of those long weeks, maybe because it seems to have rained almost every day! Today is dry, but oh my goodness the wind!!!! I have a fan in the window of the office to suck my smoke out (yes I smoke, yes I know it's bad) and it is blowing wind in big time!!!!
We have Sam the Man today, he is walking around with his new truck (which yes I will get a picture of) and watching the outdoor channel with Papa, every once in a while I hear him saying "Oh Man" must be when he sees a big deer!!! He is taking after his Dad and his Papa!!
Today is trick or treat up here, those little bubs are going to be blown into the next county LOL
Not sure what Carin's kids are, well except for Miss KBB, she is a Princess!! A dancing one at that!
It used to be fun to have the kids come to our door, where we live now we get NO ONE!! Do I buy candy anyway....E-YUP!! Hey just in case right.
Well Ladies it is time to feed Sam some lunch and maybe a nap(for him not me) so I best get going, I also don't want to press my luck on Internet time!! Going to go make some memories, try to do the same.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" sit back, close your eyes, and simply let it happen!!!
Love and hugs, oh how I missed being in here and visiting you all. Thanks Miss Scarlett for saving me some Toddies, today I might be stopping by to grab some! Miss G, if mine is working then I hope yours is too!!! Mat, please take back some of your rain and Miss Doodle...PLEASE keep your snow!!!!!!!!

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