Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where have I been????

Sorry for the lack of rambling on Saturday, but we got alittle busy LOL It's that time of year I guess. Between the "peckin' piranhas" and the fields it never seems to end. Almost got rid of some piranhas this morning. Dennis went out to give them some greens (goldenrod) and when he banged up against something to shake off the dirt, those birds scattered like crazy, they all hightailed it back into the little house we have for them. I told Dennis that maybe "Ghosts of past flippin chickens" have been warning them and that if they hear noises RUN!!! LOL
By the way Gerri....Larry was first to run!!!
Well, Dennis is cleaning off the counter and I am making what I hope is the last chocolate zucchini cake for the freezer. Will try to catch you all later, in the mean time have a great Sunday!!!! Love you all

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