Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sorry about the late Ramblings...

Been a busy weekend so far. We went to Zacks school for grandparents day on Friday and then took Zack, Miss KBB and Garrett home with us. I know 3 at a time "what was I thinking"...but it has been fun. Today the three of them helped me cut green beans. Even Miss Beira yup...she had what she called a "for real" knife. It was a butter knife but she was quite proud of it, and she managed to cut those beans LOL. We did one 5 gal bucket today and I will try and get the other one finished tomorrow. Chickens are a thing of the past, we got the last ones in the freezer Friday morning. They went from little yellow bubs to weighing between 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 pounds in a very short time. Miss Doodle, I will send you a picture of that "Special" rooster!!
Right now all is pretty quiet here...Miss KBB is asleep (hogging the bed I am sure) Zack and Garrett are having chocolate zucchini cake with ice cream and watching Happy Feet, dear hubby is watching the outdoor channel and I have some computer time. Ah yes life is good. Till morning when it starts all over!! How Carin does this everyday with all of them basically on her own is a mystery to me. I had Dennis take them all for a walk just so I could make supper. Maybe being almost 30 years older than Carin has something to do with it. LOL
Well, I am sure memories were made by you all today, did you put them somewhere safe?? You never know when you might need them.
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" not just today but everyday, the feeling that will give you is priceless!!!
Hugs to you all, I am off to have a piece of that cake!!

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