Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Evening all

Today was a do as little as possible sort of day. Kind of a rest before the tomatoes LOL We did juice yesterday, two 5 gallon buckets of those red things are now sitting in jars on the pantry shelf. I believe we have enough juice for the whole town, Dear Hubby seems to think you can never have enough. We ran into Shawano so Dennis could pick up his new glasses (next week is my turn) then alittle work on some wordart(that's my newest one up there) and some TV watching. Boring night actually. But those are good sometimes. Tomorrow is Dear Hubbies birthday and Carin's birthday. We are going out for lunch with Carin and Miss KBB. Well, the news is on and my shower is calling me, so I am off for awhile...catch ya all later.

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