Saturday, September 19, 2009

Could not sleep last night so...

I got back out of bed and played on the computer. It was time for a new look anyway. It's Fall!!!
My most favorite time of year. I love the whole feeling of fall, the crisp air, the colors of the trees, nevermind that one of those feelings is that winter is not far behind!! I know it's coming but for now I will just put that out of my brain(which is easy to do)
Been a busy week...between peckin piranhas and the fields. We have 16 of those flippin things left to do (plan on doing them Wed or Thurs) and I think we have 16,000,000 of those flippin red things to do. I swear they are multiplying in the garden as I type!!! Yesterday alone we made 15 quarts total of pasta sauce and chili sauce. By the way David and Kim, if you're reading this the chili sauce is all yours, it is pretty spicy!! I am sitting here right now and all I can smell is sauce...I fell like a piece of spaghetti!!!
With all the jars on the pantry shelves, you'd think we would be done right...nope!!!
Dear hubby is right now making more salsa...maybe that's why I smell what I smell LOL I need to clean the kitchen up, we have Sam the Man coming later today and he does not have to go home looking like a tomato. Which he will if I don't get that floor cleaned. LOL
Have heard so much good news this week...Miss Scarlett has a brand new Great Grandbaby, Miss Mat done slung her sling and is doing better, Miss Doodle got her car back and can now go topless again, and Miss G is going on a little vacation with her hubby ( good news there because then the RR can come out and play) Been a week of blessings and memories. Don't let them end there tho...go out and make some more, you will have so much fun!!
Well ladies, I best be making some of my own, have another busy day ahead. As always "Fill it to the Brim" then sit back on the veranda, the porch, or just the front stoop and totally enjoy the overflow!!
Hugs and love to you all

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