Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well lets see!!! I was up at 4 am.....I guess I could have done them then...oh no wait...I was busy watching Noggin TV, think it was "Wow Wow Wubbleys", could have done it at 5am....nope I think that was when I was playing with Lite Brite and putting together a butterfly. Maybe 6am...oops no not them, I think I was watching Blues Clues then.
Have you gotten the fact that yup we have Miss KBB and Zack this weekend!!?? They will be here till Monday. Carin and Dan have a wedding to go to Sat night and because my sister and family are coming up Sunday, they will be staying another day. Then Carin has some stuff to do on Sunday and early Monday so yup late Monday is when they will be going home. Hey it's is fine by me, love having them and it means NO ZUCCHINI cakes or bread for me to work on LOL!!
I will be back when I get a chance, maybe when Zack goes fishing with Papa and Miss KBB goes down for a wait....have a feeling I might be taking that same nap!!!
Hugs ladies....go make some memories

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