Saturday, August 1, 2009

It feels like Saturday!!!

Yup it does! Also a beautiful one at that! Awesome breeze blowing in the windows, sun shining, perfect temps. Oh my I am a happy camper!!!!
Took a couple of road trips this week, had to go to Milwaukee earlier(used to live down in that area) had some errands to do...let me tell you it was oh so much fun!! NOT!!! When we lived down there I thought nothing of the traffic, all the people, but now that we have been up in what my sister Bonnie calls the "Boonies" for a few years, the City is not the life for me!! Gosh I sound like the people on Green Acres LOL So many cars, so many people, and it didn't help that we were not sure of exactly where we were going!!! I now know why I love it up here...slower pace, less people, and the quiet!!! I never heard so many sirens in that one short trip WOW!!!
Our road trip yesterday was alot nicer...we headed north to a town about 2 hours from here, we get our dogs food and medication from a place called Foster & Smith. Well rather than have it mailed, we decided to drive up. Glad we did it was really a nice trip.
Got home in time to feed the "Piranha" those flippin chicky wickies are unreal!! Right now they are sort of confined to a small coop type area, but next week they get the run of the fenced in area....oh should be so much fun!!! I have my leather cuffed anti chicky pecking jeans all ready!!
Have to tell you a quick Miss KBB moment...Carin was loading the dishwasher when she heard this "thump..thump...thump" noise, she turned in time to see Miss KBB sitting on the throw rug at the bottom of the steps, smiling sweetly. When asked about this her reply" I am a genie from Aladdin, and I was riding my magic carpet" Carin said it was a day with Miss Beira that was one for the record book, 3 bumps to the head(from the corner of the cabinet), 2 pinched fingers(from closing the patio door while fingers were still in it) the carpet ride! Oh she keeps Carin on her toes!!! Maybe I will have to remind Carin of some of the things she used to do that made my heart stop!! LOL
Well ladies, we have Sam the Man and Daddy coming for a visit around 11 so I best at least get out of my jammies and be ready for some truck playing, wonder pet watching time!!
Have a feeling memories will be made...hope you get a chance to make some too!!! Go will thank yourself later.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" enjoy even the smallest drop that overflows, you might not see it at the time...but they could turn out to be the best ones!!!
Hugs to you all

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