Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ok i thought it was Sunday....

I really did, all day yesterday I thought it was Saturday, almost did my ramblings. LOL It's been a quiet week here, not to much going on.
We ordered our Chickys they will be here next Thursday. Cute little yellow fuzzy bubs...that turn into "Flippin' Chickens" I already have my leather cuffed jeans ready LOL They have no respect for the lady that feeds them, even after I sit and explain the meaning of life and the frying pan!!! Some times it feels like a waste of my time to try and explain, them that peck are them that fry first!!

Have Zack this weekend, going to the fireworks tonight. Meeting some good friends in a little town north of here. Love the display they put on.
Zack actually wears earplugs for the finale, it is so long and so loud. I love it, makes me feel like a kid for a while!
Well I am going to cut this short, have a shower to take and food to get ready so will be on my way to make some memories. I hope you all do to, it's a good thing and sometimes well most times so worth it!!
As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" enjoy all of it and enjoy the surprise that it can bring you! It will be awesome!!!
Hugs and love and Happy safe 4th to you all

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