Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok, another new thing I learned LOL

Miss KBB says she got this bracelet(which she decided to wear on her ankle) from Aunti Bonnie and it is her BIGGEST favorite !!! Her words!! The class I just took showed how to make just one item colored in a photo that you turned black and white! Oh wow! I know there are some of you out there that this stuff is old news...but to me it is like a kid at Christmas LOL I love learning new stuff (except actions Miss G, I can not wrap my brain around them at all) So bear with me there are only a few lessons left LOL!!!
Have Miss KBB's birthday party this weekend, she will be 3 on Sunday. Went with Carin and her today to pick up the stuff for the Dora cake Carin is making, we also took pictures in the park for her 3 year pictures....Miss Keira did not want to smile anymore!! But it was fun!

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