Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good morning....Good morning!!!

Yup this time I know it's Saturday. Had great intentions of being in here early, honest!! Got up at 5 am, made coffee, even came in here and sat down ready to ramble on..but..within about 5 minutes my eyes started to go closed LOL I was still so tired. Thought ok, lay on the couch for a few minutes...which turned into hours. I just woke up again. I haven't felt good the last couple days so maybe it's catching up with me.
Want some news about the past week?? OY VEY it's been a week!
Someone(not saying who) broke the handle on the toilet in the bathroom. Yup just spins and spins!
Loving wife-" dear, the handle is broken on the toilet in my bathroom"
Dear hubby-"how did that happen, what were you doing?"
(Excuse me what do you think I was doing...playing chess??)
Dear hubby- "we will pick up a new one Wednesday when we go shopping" (ladies this happened on Sunday)
Have to let a few of you know, the videos were very helpful in picking out the right handle!!

WOOHOO....the little yellow chicky wickies came on Thursday, all 35 of them!! Well there were 35, we are now down to 32. I guess the song is true.."only the strong survive"(oh that was bad)
They are the cutest bunch, pecking at the ground acting like big old roosters, little do they know!
In about 8 weeks they will have transformed into "Flippin Chickens" and then out comes the biscuits and gravy! Sorry about that image for any vegetarians reading this but life is life and these turn into the best tasting birds!
Back to the is Saturday...almost a week from breaking of said it fixed???
(we did pick one up on Wednesday) NOPE!!! My dear hubbies motto is "You never rush into it"
well unless it is related to hunting or fishing or you know the Important things in life!
Well I do have those videos, I do know how to do this I think??? so.....
I am off to make some memories ladies, might not all be the kind I will share LOL You make some too, don't let the day go by without doing something you will remember for a long time.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" It is the one time that if some will be thankful!!!
Hugs to you all!

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