Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ok so it's afternoon not morning,,,but still Saturday!!

Have a feeling this will be a quick ramble. We have Miss KBB-Sam the Man and Zack!!!The two little ones are asleep in front of the DVD player, they were watching Toystory2 and it took them 10 minutes and out they went. Zack and Papa are fishing, but have a feeling that will end soon, it has started sprinkling and I hear thunder off in the distance.
Me I have my lunch dishes done and would love to pop in the shower but think I might wait till Zack and Papa get back. Maybe I will join Keira and Sam for a nap. Might need the rest later. LOL

So far today Miss KBB has mixed up a batch of "Really hot BGETTI" she used my empty plastic containers and a spatula and then baked it in the oven(a small cardboard box) She made sure to tell us it was "REALLY HOT" so we had to blow on it! LOL Sam took some and said OH HOT HOT!! I love the imagination of a child!!!!
They all go home Sunday and I will be tired but smiling.

Ok thunder getting closer so I think I will just remind you all to make some memories, well worth your time to do so!! Honest!!!
As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" every drop is precious, so enjoy them all!!!
Hugs and love to ya!!!

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